Small Business & Lodges Procurement Services

Small business & lodges procurementServices

We source and procure bespoke furnishings and fittings in South Africa for small businesses, that are part of the SADC (Southern African Development Community) group of countries. We support locally made South African products, where possible, which reduces the customs duties impact when importing and exporting within the SADC community.

South Africa has a multicultural society with a vast array of talented and creative artisans offering a diverse selection of quality manufactured products, of a high standard.

What's Included:

•All furniture for lodges and office furniture. If we can’t find what you like we can have it custom made to your requirements, ensuring at all time a high standard of quality

•Kitchen cabinetry and hospitality equipment - custom made, fittings and fixtures, splashbacks and tiles,

•Bathroom cabinetry and fixtures and fittings

-Wood, tiles, laminated flooring, carpets, stone etc

•Window treatments:
-blinds, shutters, curtains, all made to size

•Wall treatments:
-paint, wallpaper, wall coverings and designs, wood, tiling, stone etc

•Soft furnishings:
-Bedding and bed linen cushions etc

- vast selection of light fittings for indoors and outdoors

-Electrical appliances and kitchen utensils

•Decorative accessories:
-vases, artworks, ornaments etc

•Garden and Patio furniture and fittings:
-Outdoor furniture, umbrellas, water fountains, firepits, outdoor accessories

•Shop fittings and products to sell: for example
-clothes, household items, curios, luggage etc

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